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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  April 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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33. >> a doctor charged with assaulting sex patients . dr. robert kevis just pled not guilty. >> he inappropriately approached the six patients and telling them it was for medical purposes. caccording to the complaintt there was sexual penetration with a foreign object. the men were 14 the ages of 14-22. >> the men were students at the time the offense occurred. the victims were male. >> the attorney said he treated gay men for sexually transmitted diseases and also procedures performed in the health services center were necessary and proper. >> we feel the case is
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overcharged and the plea is not guilty and making motions to dismiss the charges of the complaintt. >> his lawyer did say if he ingauged in any sex acts outside of the center, it was consensual. he had worked in the health 20 years with no complaints until one patient came forward in march and following a investigation five others surfaced. we are anticipating there are other victims out there that we hope and urge will come forward as a result of the information that we are providing you. >> all 22,000 uc berkeley students have acess to the information. >> it serves the entire campus and if someone is injured in the course of the work day regardless of what the insurance carrier, they can go down to the facility for treatment and care. >> he resigned and his license
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was temporarily suspended. >> a courtroom surprise today in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. it is a plea deal for the couple who kidnapped jaycee. the plea agreementt will likely send them to prison for the 441 years for philip garrido and 36 years for his wife nancy. philip garrido will never get out of guilty after pleading to 14 counts of kidnapping and rape and lewd act a child. jayy see dugard who was lenn yearrs old at the time of the disappearance . he she rescued from the compound. he agreed to a 430 years to life prison sentence. >> from the beginning, our goal to see that they are incarcerated for the rest of the their life. >> his wife, 55 year old nancy
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has a remote chance of getting out. quietly sobbing, she admitted to two counts kidnap aiding and abetting in dugard's rape. she could be parolled when she is 86. her attorney hoped she could one day get out and walk with a walker. >> i would like to walk you on the beach and then maybe scooter . unfortunately it is probably gog to be a casket. >> in a at the same time dugard now 30 years old said i am reliefed philip and nancy garrido confessed to their crimes against me and my family. >> the plea agreement not only his her testify in court and relife the ordeal but her doctors. >> she is called upon to do so and there is a possibility that her children could be subpoena and brought in to testify. >> the attorney said the
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client expressed remorse. >> i believe her that she is gen winlyy sorry for what she did. >> the garridos are back in court june 2 happenedfor sentence unclear whether dugard will be here. this is abc sennews. >> federal safety investigators release the final court document. they pin the blame on the operator who blacked out from a heart condition. the train rear ended another one stopped at the platform. managers contracted by not enforcing the rules. she tells us she paid out senmillion in legal claims to the 46 people hurt in the accident. >> pran fran has new rules for the trendy food trucks seen on
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the treat. that has not necessarily made it easier for the vendor to get in business and opposition to the trucks seems to be growing as well >> vendors we talked to say new rules are easy to understand. what they are finding challenging like the ones who want to roll up a food truck is the growing push back from neighbors. >> it has a catchy name, docks of the bay and serve burgars and food in a park in emoriville. gaining a foot hold is a challenge. >> the owner's application are all contested. >> it looks we are in for a long process. it might be harder than we think. >> new rules enacted lastt month make it easier to apply for a permit and to account. they want to local locate in the district.
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>> i think it is. boy the city's permitting process and the neighbors have their ability and concerns to be aired and perchants. >> john constance owner of the grill in union square said the fod truck want to roll up on history. he is concerned about traffic and competition. not for his fine dining but for the cafe. >> there are businesses in the area who pay 30,000 or 40,000 a month and someone will come in and reap in the profits. >> the reality of the competition, it is faced with brick and mortar and food. >> they are with la cosina and working with loww income chef including those who want to operate food truckks. it means louis vasquez can open the mexican food truck
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this weekend. >> it is like a good start. but they, too, face opposition. one is planning an unusual protest. are they worried at all. >> we shouldn't be worrying. >> it would be unappetizing. that would be authorized by the wreck and park department. they go through the department of public works. since want new rules were established cent applied so far and none made it through the process. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> stay with us for a abc news iteam report. we'll hear from a woman who had sex with teen agers. >> i don't know how it happened. >> her story is not the whole story. how police say it happened.
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>> the killer tornados that swept over the south . entire towns are wiped off of the map. >> cool and breezy today . warmth is on the way. i will have all . details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and consumer advice for 8/hçtçtçtçt = = =%%%%%%%%%s;s;gñ appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> the group that the tsunami that followed the march lenth massive quake caused 90
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percent of the damage. damage to the buildings were minor. much of what did occur was a phenom an that being playy a role. >> there is a lot of the soil. and there is a same kind of site in japan and we'll learnn a lot of that kind much information. >> california researchers will study the levees that held up remarkably well in the quake. there was damage to the count reap's water system. most was repaired within a month after the quake. they will predict when and where it will strike. it is based in southern california and giving lectture about earthquake predictions. when she steps up to a podium to talk about earthquakes,
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seismologist lins. how the plates are living. >> figuring out what makes the earth move. charlie is named after charlesor . predicting earthquakes is science fiction. >> if they were making head way, we'll have predictions by now. before it happens and not after the earthquake happens. >> faults and moon tides is a reliable precursor and devastation is the most recentt example and no one knows when and where disaster will. >> they have named it in advance close to tokyo and they get blind sided by a fault. >> the best that colleagues can offer is a 30 year forecast.
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there is a chance a quake will trike california in 30 yores and four percent chance of 8.0 quake. the hay ward fault is a prime candidate. >> a lott of the houses are built on the fault. they will be cut in half. >> it comes back being prepared for when the big one hit not if. no one should wait on the prediction. >> i don't see any method that is promising. if we work on this for another 50 years we'll have reliable preduction. and the earthquake tomorrow or in 50 years is right on california. karina rusk abc 7 news. >> how many know whether they have the rightt stuff? >> they have the chance to explore the opportunities today. david louie reports from sunnyvale. >> the work force is young
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these days. they are in lockheed martin to figure out whether math and science is interesting to them. are you interested in science and engineering and hope to work in that some day. they are the children of lockheed martin employees. it is called young minds at work and a chance to challenge the problem-solving skills using pagetty and marsh mellow to build a seismic tructure and tested on the table. >> we were afraid it would fall down. >> but it didn't. that means you are a smart ladyy . they like to learn about free stuff. >> brice's ambition is to design better video games. >> it is energizing tos us to
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have the young folks and so theirr excitement and reminds us why we got into this in the first place. >> they learn that technology breaks down. that happened after they calculated the distance in time. >> technology sometimes doesn't work. >> yes, doesn't. can you fix it. >> confidence is a good sign. >> we may not know whether the young people will become scientist or technology people. but their exposure today peaked their interest. abc sepnews. >> tornado warnings were lifted in six states. one of the deadliest in the united states since 1974. >> 284 people were killed in the greatest natural disaster since hurricane katrina. alabama was hit the hardest and 200 people have been killed. >> the town of tuscaloosa some
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neighborhoods are wiped off of the map. >> i don't know if i have ever seen in my life anything as destructive and tragic as what transpired in trus tuscaloosa . it is not a easy journey. >> we spoke with the meteorologist professor who said a single extreme storm is a sign of global warming. >> we are experiencing global warming and some of the given storm event doesn't prove that. >> frequency of storms would. we have to wait for the next several years. >> weather conditions in the south created a perfect environment for all of the thorn tornados to form. >> pencer christians joins us. and we have a skinny lines on live doppler hd and thunderstorms are pushing off shore right now x. last of the
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tornado watches for eastern north carolina and virge expired but there were tornados reported up to nine of them and far, far fewer than yesterday and the storms generally have been less severe . still dangerous weather and winding down right now. by tomorrow. weather conditions will have returned to normal but not normal for the countless people who lostt loved ones in the last several days. >> today we had windy conditions and the winds are strong. we had gusts up to 36 x. all around the area right now. wines are strong and temperature readings are these. in the bay near the coast low 60s in the inlandd area. it will be chlor and chilly x. warm up for the weekend that will continue to warm up for next week. >> it is showing the approaching cold front and
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ahead of the front. a strong no of wind and high pressure builds in tomorrow and the winds will diminish and we'll start to get the much anticipated and awaited warm up that will take us to next week. it is a hop, skip and a jump for the royal wedding. it will take place aroundd noon. we have a 30 percent chance and high temperature of scen degrees after a morning low of 488. back here in the bay area. lows drop to the mid-to upper 30s. and santa rosa and over livermore. a low of 39 . most locationns will see lows in the low to mid40 tomorrow in the south bay lookk for sunny skis and high temperatures around cent degrees . on the peninsula upper 60s and los alto on the coast .
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60 in half moon bay . downtown san francisco high of 65 . 60 in the sunset district. and climbing in the loww cents in santa rosa and napa . highs in the mid-to upper 60s and oak landd and castro valley and upper 60 to around cent in concorde and pittsburgh and look for the highs of 60 . 72 inland and low cent in morgan hill. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast and it gets warmer by next week. inland highs in the low to mid80s mid-to upper cents around the bay and on the coast . this saturday. the bay is having an annual fisherman's festival and the weather will be sunny and dry and little bit on the cool side. pleasantly cool with a high of 60 degrees on saturday.
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>> pleassantly cool. we don't want to be bitter about anything. >> if you would like to help out with the tornado relief effort. here is the number for the red cross. you will find a link at abc create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do. c>> a deadly attack byab afghan military pilot killed nine people.
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>> the former army lieutenant was working as a civilian contractor training pilots when one of them opened fire. >> the joid that james is leaving behind. the afghan's family saying he had no connection to the taliban but under financial stress. to the family it comes as a shock. teaching the afghans to fly heps was a job he loved. that's how the fam foom got the news yesterday. local police came to say the retired cornel working as a civilian contractor in tannehill. they explained to me. they had a disagreementt with a co-worker and had opened
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fire with a gun. and he doid alongg with eight military members. they were discussing meetings when the air force officer armed with a handgun lined up the american and shot them execution tile. he was there teaching. >> the husband and father returned to stan tan less than two weeks ago. he was a ham radio enthusiast and one to set up the equipment out of afghanistan. >> it is very rare. a license. the group plan to set up a
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bigger system. it is working in a secure area. this is the seventh time that an afghan soldier turned his weapon on coalitionn partners. new from the abc seneye team. a woman convicted of having sex with teens tries to restore her reputation . >> i didn't start it and he started it. >> but that's not how police say the story. >> it was like christmas. she would give you cash.
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>> text messages that reveal what really
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>> >> you are looking at an amber aletterr sign. all of them are lighting up over the abduction of 16 yearr old thornton today. >> she was taken by a 37 year old freck freckk man named richard ashlyy. >> we don't know his relationship to the girl, but he was last seen driving a four door blue hundai with california plates. if you see that car, please call 911 immediately. >> tonight a liverr more woman known as the hummer mom is talking about the crime. it is a case that has
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natural attention . she was convicted with unlawful sex with two 14 year old boys. >> they poke with her in jail. >> care linn and dan. hubs refused to talk to the police and it was a plea deal and she didn't address the families, she told me things she hasn't discussed even with her husband. a word of warning it is a sensitive topic can sexual content. >> i met christine hubs in the yale in dublin the day before she went to state prison to serve a five year sentence. >> i have to take. but i am not a predator or someone who went out and forced this on anyone. it was not the case at all. >> how were you not a predator. >> i knew this boy for a long time. >> she is hoping that the intervieww will improve the image. but after i contact the families, they cas asked the
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police to share the case file. >> i don't think she realized that talking to you, you know, -- it is one sided. >> livermore detective worked the hubs case and in many instance the story they tell is different than what hub said . all agree how it started . >> his mom leftt him at the house all of the time. >> hubs met the first victim when he was wrapping up the seventh grade in middle school and he was her daughter's boyfriend and she gave him gifts. big screen tv and two phones and ipads. >> and a game system. >> box and i think the play station. and sports equipment and clothing and airline ticketses. ub hads spent tens of thousands of dollars on the two victims. >> she got it from her husband's dental practice. she managed the office. she was groping the boy is getting them to depend on her.
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>> it is like christmas. she would give you cash and we have witness to prove that. >> she took boy number one to a trip to tahoe cabin is where it turned sexual. hubs fell asleep with two daughters and the boy in the queen size bed. >> next thing you know. i knocked him and it went on . it went on . i was exhausted and i don't know what happened and i don't know how i broke down and let it happen. >> when you say you let it happen, that takes responsibility away from you. >> i didn't start it. i didn't touch him. it was him and he started it. >> hub claimmed she was concerned her kids would wake up and she walked him to the other room. >> i asked him to go out of the room and he didn't want to and then he pulled me and i just went.
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c and what happened in the other room? >> we had a sexual encounter. >> police say that is not the way it happened. christine was the aggressor from the start. boy number one was asleep and allow in the cabin. >> he woke up in the middle of the night and christine walking on completely naked. >> hubs admits that sex continued in hotels outside of livermore and the spare bedroom above the garage and in the back of her hummer this with the hum dinga license plate. she had to continue to have sex with the boy to keep him quiet. >> he was threaten saying, i know he's fragile and in a emotional state. he could slip off and say something and then i am where i am today. >> i can't find a single threat of him demanding anything. >> they read thousands of
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text. >> you are mine, mine, mine and tell all of the other girls to f-off. i miss yourr touch. >> many of them are far too graphic. the boy tried several times to stop seeing her. >> she would say no more money . she would say go to hell . you are an idiot. >> in one case her daughter said she saw you making out with a dark haired girl . it is over and we can move on. i am driving over to sprint to stop the phone and go to the tennis club buy. >> she was threatening to cancel the membership she purcase haed for the boy. toward the end it didn't work. he start to pull away. that's where boy number two came in. his best friend. she used his best friend to make him jealous. >> hubs started with the gifts and racy text and then the
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sex. christine said it became physical after the boy called her to pick them up from a party and they parked in a league little league ball field. >> what happened. >> we had sex in the back of the car. >> in the back of the hummer. >> with the second victim. hubs took more chances. she would bring the boy's friend along in the hummer and they parked in the best buy and christine told him to go inside of the store. >> he comes back out and realizes they are not done and he goes back in and hanggs out for longer and she's in the front seat and boy number two is in the back seat and he realizes it is safe to concern. >> it was a photograph that sent him that got her arrestted. >> what sort of shots. >> topless. >> with your face, too. >> the boy's mother found the picture on his cell phone and
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called police. hubs was charged with scen counts and pled guilty to four. unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation and lewdd act on a child. >> what concerns me most is that has of yet to fully sept responsibility for her actions. >> i played the hub's interview for dr. woodward medical director of san francisco general psychiatric emergency service and he has experienced in evaluating the sex offenders for the court system. >> she does not realize how or why she did this, she is in dinges - danger of doing it again. she has type one diabetes and financial problems and stress in her marriage for impairing her judgment. long before her arrest she wrote a letterr to the mother of boy number one confessing to what happened and never sent it. >> i was trying to get out of it and i couldn't.
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how do you turn yourself in and go to jaill when you have kids. >> are you accepting full responsibility for being the one that called the shots. >> i do feel that i was pushed, too. from the boy. by a 14 year old boy. >> i shouldn't have let that happen but i was. >> dr. woodward said it is common for sex offender to blame the victims and that they made them do it. >> the husband sits down for his first interview and putting his life back tuth without the hummer and with christine. >> i still love her and so, you will see the role he played in getting his wife arrested and he knewy she had sex a year before the arrest. that's tomorrow. >> there is much more coming up here tonight on abc
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sennews. >> stay wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi >> all new, oprah's royal wedding party -- oprah: hear from royal insiders. prince william's friend, standing by from the reception -- >> and -- oprah: our jolly ole correspondents are on the ground
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>> sky sen is over a fire burning that started just after 6:00 tonight. this is an apartment complex and we'll bringg you more information. firefighters have cut through the roof so far and no word of
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injuries. >> headlines and big oil. exxon making len billion last quarter and up 69 percent. the company was quick to point out that gas and diesel sales account for three percent of the earnings. the dow was up to a foo point gain. it might have gotten higher if the government hadn't reported a loww down . a 80 million tax charge ate in to profits. revenues were up five percent and net become down 74 percent. hullard packard said it is one of the government contracts. hp will provide computers for 60,000.employees at nas a. >> coming up next, you don't have to be a royall to follow
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>> that's prince william, last day as a batch lorr greeting a hord of well wishers on the eve of his wedding tomorrow. his broid went through a final rehearsal and spending the neat in a londd lond hotel. they have the best wedding planners. what could go wrong? >> michael you have advice much needed for the royal couple. who better to offer advice. >> you have to ask yourself that. >> the marital advice and consumer advice. and everything is thought of and there is some advice for you, too if you are getting
6:46 pm
married, soon. >> the preparations may be on a grander scale in londd londd. but any wedding is a big deal and time expenses and hopefully a one of event. >> so part of that planning for the royals and you should include a plan b in case something went wrong. providing back stop to that investment that you make in the wedding. >> wedding insurance. it is something that prince william might want to consider. spencer christian has been going over the forecast and there could be problems. >> with all . local forecast from reporting stations and they are calling for a cent percent chance of rain on friday friday londd lond time. >> still it would be nice to have insurance to pay for rescheduling. >> if you have an outdoor
6:47 pm
venue look into the possibility of bad weather. that can happen and you can get coverage for that event. >> someone slips and gets hurt and the insurance will cover the costs. and if the wedding pictures don't turn out well for the royal couple, insurance would can cover that, too. >> in some policies would bring the key people of the wedding party back to the site of the wedding can restage those photos. >> the average wedding in america runs 25,000 these days and the cost to insure it $400. prince william why he would have to pay a bit more. >> what is not covered, cold feet. if prince william or kate decide to call the whole thing off which could happen, they would not be covered. >> by the way when i talked to spencer, it was a cent percent
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chance of rain and now down to 30 percent. >> getting better, and better. and call it off. there is a lot of network coverage on the line. >> most people hope it will work out between prince william and kate. >> it is a tough life to be a royal. take it from me i know. >> they will have a royal tea from the wedding. >> tea rooms and traupts and pubs are caught up in the royal wedding blitzz in the pig and whistle pub. they are going to record the wedding and play it back throughoutt the day. >> they are into it and got a sense of the history and the tradition that is happening right now and the pomp and circumstance. it is incredible. >> barring cold front and live coverage of the wedding begins with an all-night edition of god morning america and a modern fairy tale at nine
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before our late news. >> spencer has a 30 percent chance of rain. that will seal the deal. >> 30 percent chance of rain. >> the guy pointed out. it is tough to be a royal. >> take a look at our weatherr at 8:00. clear skies and temperatures up around 50 degrees in some spots. but by midday we'll see temperatures in the low to mid60s and late afternoon, temperatures approaching 70 . so a pleasant day coming our way x. weekenditate wide . you are traveling to the state. at tahoe . sunny skies and mild in tahoe with highs in the week woke. 50s and 60s and southern california. ideal weather and by some standards in san diego hice in the 60s and cents and los angeles will heat up to the upper 80s on sunday. here is our accu-weather 7 day forecast.
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mild weather in the weekend and almost hot by midweek next week and highs in the 80s and uppers and in the coast mid-60s and finally our summer like spring warm up is headed our way. >> we have an update and amber alert. the vehicle was found. >> so far, no word on the girl who is missing and we'll bring you the latest as soon as we have it. >> the nfl draft. larry beal is here with who the 49ers went with first. create my oasis.
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marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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>> join us on coffee tv 20. coming up then, poi oner. the 1-year-old who signed a professional soccer contract. >> and the precaution to assure william and kate don't crash the internet when they take their vows. >> and now to the nfl draft. >> yes, good news. >> i am not sure. with owners working to get a lock out reinstated. the nfl went ahead for the draft.
6:54 pm
49ers used missouri defense men alton smith. 6-4 and 263 and came out to play line baker with the 9ers. they haven't had a effective pass rusher. all of them had 17 sacks in two seasons in missouri. he would have had more if not for a leg injury. >> rushing the passer and ability to playy on his feet. that hoe has done and we project him to be able to do and be an outside linebacker. north carolina took cam newton. newton played in the shot gun in college. will college football.
6:55 pm
cal bears wrapping up . quarterback . future came to cal because of his brother and might be a better runner than passer. >> it is more involved. especially quack adequate. he transered from buffalo and most impressive in cam. >> he is accurate. hoe has good arm strength. and the ability to run. and that is the roommate for the first 15 years of his life is a half brother. >> it is a true touchdown. >> they are making the adjustment in berkly. >> i am more comfortable with the campus and walking aroundd with him and going out to eat with him. >> he was part of the my decision coming out here.
6:56 pm
this is where he wanted to be and where i wanted to be as well. >> he picked up the offense and he is working with the first unit. >> the quarterback now has the ability to run and pick up and keep the changes on it. >> i am using the pede and look at it first. >> he's looking to throw to, you guessed it, his brother. it is open. and i am going to win ballgames and better myself . this is the best place for me. in berkeley mike shuman, abc sensports. >> i am not sure. giant's pitcher made the first start in senyears. and today, he faced with the giants and . the knock out . one-nothing pirates in the thir. >> they had hit rbi's.
6:57 pm
they are thinking differently . laterr in the 30. still second. and it is five and two third and truck out. giants five-two victory and move on to the nation's capitol for a 10 day road trip. >> he needs to mind his manners. >>im dan ashleigh. >> for larry and bell and spencer christiann. we'll see you at nine and lenn o'clockk. good night everyone.
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